All it takes is a push.

To me, goals are steps on a ladder. The ladder is a symbolic example of your life, and the steps on it represent your journey.

Before joining Amal Academy, a career fellowship, I believed that goals were destinations you had to reach to attain respect or satisfaction in life. However, now that I am two weeks into the fellowship, I’ve accepted that goals are basically steps on a ladder. You climb up those stairs, one by one. Each step on the ladder is more excruciating than the other, and you have to continue resisting gravity to climb higher.

It’s hard, really. It requires a lot of hard work. The ladder of life is often unstructured, unstable, and a lot of ‘un-s.’

But what if? You could be smarter about it. Would that make your journey of life much easier? Would working smartly help you in life?

The answer is a resounding yes!

I had a project with Amal Academy where they asked me to create SMART goals. They wanted me to make my goals more specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

I remember my goals being so vague and generic.

I was lost back then. However, in just two weeks, I was able to learn a lot more about myself. I came to the self-realization of what I needed to do and what I had to do to achieve my goals.

I had to make them Specific.

I had to make them Measurable.

I had to make them Realistic.

I had to make them Achievable.

I had to make them Time-bound.

And I did.

For the longest time, I wanted to pursue blockchain development and data engineering. However, I never really made a road map of what I needed to do, what I had to learn, and what I had to follow.

So this week, I took the initiative thanks to Amal Academy and researched what I really needed to do to become a great Data Engineer and Blockchain developer.

After procrastinating for almost a year, here it is. I researched different road maps for different data science projects. I enrolled in different courses and closely researched what I had to learn to understand.

Here are my notes after intensively researching Data Science and Data Engineering.

Researching for this helped me understand the road I had to follow. My research showed I had to follow six generic steps to become a master of Data analytics.

So, this week I focused on developing my Programming skills.

I watched multiple videos on Udemy and Youtube. I followed quite a few tutorials to concrete my understanding of the Python programming language. I learned quite a lot of stuff. I learned that Tuples are pronounced as Tup-ples, not as Tu-ples, I learned different ways of slicing data, and I learned what primitive data types and non-primitive data types are.

See how I manipulate Tuples, lists, and sets.

This is a picture of my notes.

I wish I had done this before. Seeing how quickly I was able to understand each concept and apply them was simply amusing. This week went through like a breeze.

I could’ve done this before, but as I said, I was procrastinating. Moreover, I was extremely busy with my freelancing businesses, and I had to battle depression. Now that I am Scot-free from depression and can handle a little bit of freelancing, I can finally take the first step towards my goal.

My next step is to apply programming to aspects of Data Science. Next week I’ll learn how to clean data. How to do data wrangling using Pandas and Numpy library in Python.

Wish me luck!




I shall continue to lead into glory. I am In Sha Allah, the will of God.

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Mian Inshaullah

Mian Inshaullah

I shall continue to lead into glory. I am In Sha Allah, the will of God.

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